> 13 Feb. 2013
Hawa Akkar "Benefits and Advantages"
* Hawa Akkar S.A.L. will contribute in supplying the electrical energy and therefore it reduces the rationing periods of time.
* Hawa Akkar S.A.L. is a private company of 100% private financing and therefore the Public Treasury will not suffer of any additional charges.
* Air cost is constant contrary to the daily fuel price fluctuation . Hawa Akkar S.A.L. takes the opportunity to confirm that it is ready to sign constant agreements at competitive prices reaching 60 % less than the production cost in Lebanon.
* Hawa Akkar S.A.L. procures employment opportunities to great number of citizens, which means that it will reduce the higher unemployment rate in the area and the brains migration abroad, through establishing wind farms that will be considered in addition to its main role, i.e. the energy production, a significant tourism project , which will confirm the role of Hawa Akkar as tourism project of several advantages in all scopes and encourages the commercial sale and purchase movement.
* Air is an evolving and permanent energy that limits the regional or security changes int he area, concerning the production quantity and allowing Hawa Akkar S.A.L. and the Lebanese State to provide security of supply.